Keep Track of Your Motorcycle with the Monimoto 7

2022-04-02 06:42:10 By : Mr. Andy Sun

Having your motorcycle stolen somehow feels like more of a personal attack than theft. In many cases, we are more attached to our two-wheeled friends than the four-wheeled ones. Unfortunately, motorcycles are also easier to steal, making them targets for purloiners.

Until recently, motorcycle GPS trackers were difficult to install, difficult to use, and sometimes, not that reliable. If you go to a professional to have a GPS tracker installed, it is also get quite expensive. As well, conventional GPS trackers are often connected and run on bike’s battery. So if a thief cuts off the wire, the backup battery will only last a couple of days. This left an opportunity in the market for something new, something better.

Since 2013, the Monimoto founders, part of another company at the time, have been developing and innovating their personal take on motorcycle anti-theft solutions. In 2016, Monimoto evolved into its own company which then allowed the company’s founders to dedicate all of their resources to create what they had envisioned.

With technology and expertise on their side, Monimoto developed an autonomous battery-powered GPS device. The company believes that protecting the bike must be simple and affordable for any rider, which is why Monimoto strives to offer a convenient way to install and use its motorcycle alarm and tracking system.

The Monimoto 7 is a brand new product. It’s a smart GPS tracker that can be used on motorcycles and almost any other vehicle to boot. The 7 is even smaller, easier to install, and more compact than the previous version. It uses LTE-M (LTE Cat-M1) and 2G networks to inform the user something is awry, which work within the United States and Europe (You can find a list of supported countries and carriers here.)

Once you walk away from the equipped-vehicle with the Monimoto key fob, the system switches to alarm mode. If the vehicle is tampered with, the user will receive a phone call to alert them, and the unit will start sending location notifications to the user’s phone every five minutes while the vehicle is moving. It will not sound an alarm from the motorcycle. If movement stops, the user will receive a notification after 30 minutes as a final location, but, if movement picks back up again, the system will reset and start sending location updates as it did previously.

The Monimoto 7 is powered by two long-life batteries so, even if the vehicle’s battery is dead, your ride will still be safe – and there’s no worry of draining your motorcycle’s battery with the system. The Monimoto 7 comes with an embedded eSIM card and a free two-month subscription and is $49 a year after. The unit itself retails for $199.

It’s important to note that every motorcycle owner would be wise to consider multiple layers of security. A lock on its own won’t be enough to protect a motorcycle from a potential theft. It will act as a deterrent, but won’t help recover the bike. This is where a GPS tracker comes in handy. A combination of security measures ensures the ultimate safety for motorcyclists.

It only takes one theft (or attempted theft) to realize that a GPS tracker is a worthwhile expense. At $199 for the product and $49 per year, the Monimoto 7 seems like a reasonable investment for motorcycles that easily push the $20,000 price point these days. Learn more about the Monimoto 7 at