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Keith Dunlap , Digital Content Team, Graham Media Group

Keith Dunlap , Digital Content Team, Graham Media Group

No matter what side of the gun control debate you are on, gun safety has come to the forefront more and more in recent weeks in the wake of mass shootings around the country.

But what are ways responsible gun owners try to practice safety?

One such way is by purchasing a gun safe or a gun cabinet/locker to try and safely store firearms in a home.

Here’s a breakdown of what each does to help someone store guns safely.

A gun safe is made of thick steel that is roughly 14 gauges and is generally considered the better choice for securing guns over gun lockers, according to Gun Digest.

A gun safe has a combination lock, electronic lock or biometrics lock on the outside and bolts on the inside, so it better protects against potential theft and makes if more difficult for kids to break into.

In addition, a gun safe is also considered a better option in terms of preventing gun damage from a house fire.

One thing about gun safes is that they are heavy, with many weighing over 1,000 pounds.

That’s why it’s important to find a good place in a home to store it, and often the best place is on the ground floor of a house.

Apartments or condos could be trickier situations because associations or landlords might not permit safes.

As far as accessories go, the most important according to Gun Digest is a dehumidifier to help the steel stay dry.

Dehumidifiers are definitely a must for those who wish to store guns safes in their garage, which isn’t heated or air-conditioned.

These are generally are made out of wood and glass, so they aren’t as heavy as safes.

Instead of locking bolts, lockers typically have a single sliding bar that is used to open and close the door, making them easier to break into than safes.

Lockers are also more vulnerable should a house fire occur.

While they aren’t as secure as safes, the advantage of gun lockers is that they are easier to store in a home or apartment and don’t cost as much money.

A top-end gun safe can cost thousands of dollars, while a basic one can probably be had at most places such as Lowe’s or Home Depot for between $500 and $1,000.

A gun cabinet typically costs less than $500 if it’s just minimum storage that is needed.

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